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Traveling by motorbike is all about freedom. In my opinion, it's not as rewarding as cycle touring because you just have to turn the throttle and you are already covering huge stretch of land though it does feel amazing! Again the two ways applies, buy and prepare at home or buy abroad and travel from there. However there is a catch. As a bicycle can cross borders with you like your backpack would, a motorbike is a vehicle that needs its paperwork to be let through. Every time you cross a border with your motorbike it's a temporary importation and borders officials want to see that the motorbike is yours and that you are not doing an import/export business. I'm not an expert on the topic so I won't expand for the moment. Horizons Unlimited is a good place to find information on the topic.

They are places on the world where it's made easier to buy a motorbike and travel with it. For example in Vietnam you can easily buy a cheap 110cc Honda Win or Minsk. You can even cross border with Laos and maybe Cambodia or even Thailand if you pay attention to fill the paperwork at each borders - and you get lucky. I was stopped at the Cambodian border after having crossed Vietnam and Laos with my Honda Win but I think I didn't fill all the papers when I entered Laos - or maybe I wasn't lucky that day, I would never know. It's also possible to buy a Royal Enfield in India and travel around the country.

Honda Win in Hanoi Vietnam
My Honda Win bought in Hanoi

Honda Win in North Vietnam
Talking about Freedom! :)

Honda Win in water Vietnam
It's amphibian!