Wanderwest | Interview

Words by Michael Dustin Youree from Wanderwest

“ One of the great things about traveling is meeting people from around the world and letting their outlook on life shape the way you perceive your own. It was by chance that I met Marc Surchat waiting for waves in Sayulita. Swiss by birth, he spent the last several years trekking massive expanses of land, most recently by bike across Latin America. Check out this spontaneous interview I did with him in Mexico, and then find out what's really important to this adventure traveler at www.explorebeyondlimit.com

Maptia | Lost on the Roof of IndoChina

Featured story on Maptia storytelling theme Hike to the Summit

“ No one ever said that hiking was meant to be easy, but Marc Surchat demonstrates real stoicism as he navigates through dense jungle with inaccurate maps and along abandoned trails. Dodging the fog in search of an unforgettable view and a thoroughly earned sense of personal accomplishment, Marc tells the tale of his expedition to the summit of Phan Xi Păng. ”

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Lost on the roof of Indochina