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Ah the joys of traveling by hitchhiking. First I would like you to know that it's totally possible to hitchhike around the world and even hitchhike planes and boats - yes means free tickets. Quite a lot of people have done it and it might take around 5 years to go all around the globe. As an example, my friend Jeremy Marie from France has done it. Hitchhiking might be the most challenging way to travel for someone like me because it means giving up all the control and totally relying on strangers. Oh I surely don't like it! However it's a great way to travel on a very low budget. It's also great for learning languages as you will get plenty of time to practice with local people and I've heard about people getting a good level in local language thanks to traveling by hitchhiking. More information coming soon but you can learn all you need to know to get started on Hitchwiki.

Hitchhiking in Alaska was great though. And in Japan it worked wonder as well. I'm now totally in peace with hitchhiking. Some of the frustration I had with it probably came from a mix of starting in a difficult place (Kirgizstan/China) and not having enough experience. The best advice I can give today is to read Hitchwiki and try to get advice from other hitchhikers. If one day I become an expert, I will rewrite this section to give more specific advice.

Hitchhiking out of Denali National Park in Alaska
Hitchhiking out of Denali National Park in Alaska

Hitchhiking Kyrgyzstan Kalpak
Hitchhiking in Kyrgyzstan with a kalpak (traditional hat)