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Survey: what's important in life?

Survey: what's important in life?

Survey: what's important in life?

In February, I posted this question via social media:

What are the most important things in Life?

Here are a few answers I received:

"People close to us that love us and that we love in return as well as the sense of purpose" — Max and Maude, Canada

"Eating sushis without thinking that we could eat them elsewhere" — Aude, Switzerland

"Obviously, Love!" — Irina, Russia

"Taking chances and risks" — Yazmin, Mexico

"The freedom of thinking" — Juls, Switzerland

"Be in peace with yourself and sharing" — Arturo, Venezuela

"Follow your heart in all actions and be in accordance with yourself. Be thankful to people that support you in our Life." — Yaelle, Switzerland

"Laughter" — Karl, Portugal

"Never be too sure about what you think you know or take for granted" — Romain, Switzerland

"Doing the job you love and living the life in your own way" — Aslan, Iran

"Enjoying the moment, learning everyday, discover as much as possible, sharing with people we love and be moved by little things" — Fabien, Switzerland

"Family, the pursuit of happiness and finally the attainment of it" — Eric, Canada

"Keeping our child's spirit" — Zoe, Switzerland

"The health and well-being of my family and loved ones" — Umar, Kyrgyzstan

"Knowing that there is not one most important thing but many important ones" — RJM, Switzerland

"Establish quality, authentic human connections" — Bryan, Canada

"Be tolerant" — Elodie, Switzerland

"Live happy and make other people happy" — Francois, Switzerland

"The love for others is something that never ends. And be happy in the condition we are in" — Yiem, Peru

"Love, personal growth, travel and meeting new people" — Pablo, Mexico