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What's really important in life? (en)

What's really important in life? (en)

What's really important in life? (en)

In February, I asked people what was important for them in life. Using Facebook as a mean to reach the biggest possible audience, I got a little more than 50 replies. Now it's my turn to answer the question. I deliberately waited longer than announced to prove a point: at the end of the day, people don't really care about what you do or think. This is a reality that might seem frustrating at first, but when you think about it, it is liberating! It means that you can and should do whatever you want with YOUR life. People will be too busy living their own life to truly care about yours.

Some people thought I might ask this question because I didn't have an answer for myself. That's not why I asked. I did have my answer ready. I asked because I was interested to see if people do think about this or not at all and if yes how their views of life could be different from mine.

But I'm not gonna lie to you, another reason is that I was frustrated. The more I grew up in this world, the more I became frustrated about the lack of options I saw for living a not traditional and not ordinary lifestyle. Some people live their life as trains follow railways. I want a better world. While in Switzerland, I saw few people in the professional world that value life experiences as much as professional experience. The society revolves on one unique model and those who dream of something different are rarely understood. But there are plenty of people who wish they had more time in their life to also achieve a few dreams and less time to dedicate to purely work and earn a living. I'm writing for those people. So they can get inspired and not give up.

Also, I have been thinking about this question quite a lot in my life. If I could know what was really important for me as an individual in life, I would know better where to sail my boat. And today, I know much more than before. Through experiencing the life in as many ways as possible, we get to understand oneself deeper and what we want to do out of these about 660'000 hours that an average lifetime represents.

Here is my reply:

What really matters in Life vary from one individual to another. Each of us is unique. We are born without asking and we will die without a warning. Life is short – 660'000 hours on average. Everything material can only be enjoyed for a while, then it becomes boring and you need more. It never made anybody happy. Happiness shines from within. It cannot last and it cannot be captured. Knowing what really matters for you in life and bringing those things into your everyday, you give yourself the foundations for happiness.

As for me, I figured out these are the most important things to strive for in my life:

Love from a partner, friends and family. Giving love to the ones you care about. And you might as well receive it which greatly impact happiness. Nobody can be truly happy by staying alone.

I'm a born explorer. When I was a kid I was always curious to know what's behind the next hill. I like to discover new things and I get easily bored if there is no adventure in my life. I'm seeking adventure because it makes me feel alive.

I realized by constantly un-rooting myself that it is important to have roots in life. What I mean is that I think a human being need to have a place to be or to go back to. Somewhere where he can find friends and warmth when he needs it.

You are where you are, doing what you are doing and this is NOW. There is nothing else. If you would rather be elsewhere maybe it's time to decide, either you pack your stuff and go there. Or you decide that you might as well be present where you are and for people around you.

Humour as adventure is a way to escape the boredom of life. I have seen people who were full of it and it didn't look like they needed anything more to be happy. I will keep making jokes and making fun of things as much as possible.

I've always been extremely curious. Being curious is rare nowadays as people often feel like they are too busy. Be curious as a child and you'll be on a journey of lifelong discoveries. Curious and Enthusiastic.

Fear can be a big player in your life. But only if you let it. It's really important to learn how to master fear and not let it dictate your life. I am courageous because I go for what's more important. If you know what's more important and if it's truly important to you, you will fight for it.

Relationships with people is probably the most enriching part of life. Sometimes it's better to be happy than right. As simple as this.

As John Steinbeck, I believe in the free and exploring mind of the individual to take any directions it wishes. I put things into questions and don't accept things blindly. I look for my own truth. I have my own values.

life cannot be controlled and more than once it will go in a direction that we didn't expect. It can be quite dark sometimes and feel like everything is going wrong. Accepting the reality is the first step to creating a new reality for myself. Once I accepted 'what is', I can flow with it and work toward what I want.

I think tolerance is important. And more than that, focusing on the positive that people do more than the negative. Jim Carrey says that the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is. I try to inspire others by helping them to raise themselves instead of crushing them down.

It might surprise you to find it here but knowing how to manage money is key – more than money itself. One does not need much money to be happy, only enough. I couldn't have done half of what I have done if I didn't know how to manage money.

My strategy is fairly simple: (1) Pay ALL your debts first , (2) Save a fixed amount each month , (3) Your salary minus the saved amount is your new salary, congratulations you just became poorer but you're still richer than most people on Earth , (4) Stop buying stuff you don't need , (5) Wait a year and check your saving account. Now you got money for something that really matters to you.